Special Products

Porcelain Ceramic + marble laminated product

** A minimum of 12 mm in total. Thickness of this product provides ease of application.

** Our product produced with the latest technology has high compressive strength.

** It can be used easily in floor and wall covering.

Honeycomb + marble laminated product

** 3 - 5mm with honeycomb in different thicknesses depending on the use. It is the product formed by laminating the natural stone in thickness.

** Frequently used measures; 15 mm. Honeycomb + 5 mm. Natural stone, 20 mm. Honeycomb + 5 mm. Stones are.

** Weight of the product is reduced to 17 kg / m2.

** The impact resistance of this product is high.

** Usage areas ; indoor / outdoor wall coverings, elevator floors, yacht industry, furniture industry is preferred.

Other products

Apart from these, we can produce the products laminated with different materials in order. (Glass, 3D fiberglass mesh, hard wood, plexiglass etc.)


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