Back to Production Page Istanbul Boutique Stone Production Center
  • Open Area7200 m2
  • Closed Area4000 m2

Our facility, which operates in our Kurtköy Main Management Center building, is equipped with advanced technology machines and is established to produce special orders in a completely boutique style.

Bilecik Granite Factory
  • Open Area8.000 m2
  • Closed Area40.000 m2
Kirsehir Granite Factory
  • Open Area20.000 m2
  • Closed Area5.000 m2
Aydın Quartz Stone Factory
  • Open Area30.000 m2
  • Closed Area18.000 m2
Aksaray Granite Factory
  • Open Area10.000 m2
  • Closed Area750 m2
Sivrihisar Granite Factory
  • Open Area10.000 m2
  • Closed Area1.500 m2
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